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Friday, 3 February 2012

Visitors Request - 4

Hello once again Aman ! You have the following problems :

"tell me is there any way that i could low the graphics of a particular game so that i could play it on my computer because every tome i install a game it gave an error that pixel shader 2.0 not found."  

Here's a nice software that could really help you out to play your game. Just download it. The link is provided below :

The software is called "3D - Analyze". This software is used to emulate your hardware, or in other words, fool your game to believe that your computer really has whatever it wants. Install the software in a particular folder which you can easily search for. Then open it and click on the .exe file which says "3DAnalyze". Then in the top left, click on the "Select .exe" and click on the .exe file of the game in the browse window.
Then look for the boxes "VendorID" and "DeviceID" below. On the right of it will be a list of some graphics cards and their ID's. Enter the corresponding ID's in the boxes provided. You may even use some of the check boxes above. After this is done, click on "Run" at the top right part of the window and see if the game runs.

And be sure to leave a comment or two or some feedbacks or even a rating of your choice.

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