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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

To convert decimal number into binary notation

Question 73 : Write a program in Java to convert a decimal number into binary notation.

Java Program : 

class dectobin
 static void main(int m)
     String s="";
     int n=m;
        System.out.print("The binary value of "+m+" is : "+s);


  1. i want that if i write a normal program in blue j and i want to convert it into a application (like printing factors of no.)then how do i convert it into a application

    1. Actually, BlueJ doesn't allow creation of applications as such. But I have a few alternatives :

      1) The easiest is to learn to create an applet in Java. Applet is just like an application, but it runs only on a server(or a browser window). For an example, visit the link below :


      2) You can try to use the byte code generated by Java to be run by others in a Java Virtual Machine. I don't have much information on this one, you may try to get a little help from Google. I have had tried this, but without any good results. I will keep trying to solve your problem.

    2. And yes, you might also create a .jar file from BlueJ -> Project -> Create Jar File. But this doesn't work for our program. Still give it a try.