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Friday, 9 September 2011

Tips & Tricks - 3 - How to create a folder in Windows XP without a name

Hi amigos! Now this is a very easy but very useful trick to baffle your friends. Let us see how to create a folder in Windows XP. Follow the simple steps given below :

1) Firstly, create a folder in any location.

2) Then rename the folder, and enter Alt + 255 (The numbers should be entered from the Numpad. Laptop users can use the Fn button to enter the numbers written in superscript (at a high level) over the keyboard buttons like U,I,O,P etc.

3) You'll see a space kind of thing in the text box, as the I-Cursor (that blinking one) shifts a bit. (You can ask me why I didn't put a space their in the text box instead of all these, but that won't work. The previous folder name will again re-appear).

4) And you are done. Press enter or return to complete the creation of a folder without a name in XP.

Bonus point :

For additional fun, you can even change the icon picture of this folder to make it invisible. Just follow the steps given below :

1) Right click the folder and click on "Properties".

2) Go to the "Customize" tab.

3) Click on the "Change Icon..." tab at the bottom.

4) Search and select the invisible icon picture (just a blank picture) and click on "Ok".

5) Click on "Ok" or "Apply" whichever button and there you go. The folder is invisible.

Warning : Be sure that you don't Refresh your computer while your friends are around because that will make that invisible folder visible for a moment and you'll make a fool of of yourself.

To revert back to normal : Just rename the folder and change the icon picture in the same way as described above or click here. Or else just delete that folder (if it is useless) and create a new one.

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