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Thursday, 31 March 2011

To check whether a number is negative or positive

Question 3 : Write a program in Java to to check whether a number given by the user is negative or positive.

Java Program :

public class number_type
 public static void main(int a)
     if (a>0)
     System.out.println("The number "+a+" is positive");
     if (a<0)
     System.out.println("The number "+a+" is negative");
     if (a==0)
     System.out.println("The number "+a+" is neutral");

Explanation : There is a simple logic applied here that if a number is greater than 0, it is positive, if it is less than 0, it is negative, and if it is equal to 0, then it is neutral.

Input : 

(i) a=10

(ii) a=-10

(iii) a=0

Output : 

(i) The number 10 is positive

(ii) The number -10 is negative

(iii) The number 0 is neutral


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